Are we ready for another video call application? Facebook thinks so

Aplikacije za video pozive-min

Facebook presented their Messenger desktop app for Mac and Windows platforms on Thursday, initially unveiled a year ago at the F8 conference. Although we have already been able to use video calls in Facebook Messenger via a browser, the app will surely provide greater visibility and an extra speed of use.

We could say that the moment for launching an application like this is more than favourable, as they announced from Facebook that the increase in the number of people who used Messenger for audio and video calls increased by 100% in March. Among their competition there is an equal increase in the number of users, so the somewhat forgotten Skype is growing again, as well as Google with its Hangouts and Duo applications, and among the popular applications there is WhatsApp Messenger, whose biggest limitation is the possibility to talk to up to four people.

We will certainly point out the case of the very popular Zoom, which experienced an incredible increase in the number of users due to the current situation (increase of 535% of daily users in March), but which also experienced a negative side of growth when security faults in encryption were discovered. This is where Facebook sees its advantage over the rest – offering a well-known product with all possible security.

What are the shortcomings, according to us? The obvious ones are the inability to use the screen sharing option, as well as a maximum of eight participants, which tells us that it is not intended for larger business meetings, but we will see in the next few weeks whether there will be updates to eliminating these shortcomings.

Given that each video call platform currently helps us in business and talking to family, we will be happy to try this application in the coming days.