Importance of a website

Most customers nowadays visit the manufacturer’s website and social networks before making the purchase, in order to be informed in advance. When buying a mobile phone, furniture, car or apartment, we want to get to know relevant information about the person or company selling their products or services. The background of everything is important to […]

Life-saving medicines for over 150 cystic fibrosis patients are finally available

The Croatian Association of Cystic Fibrosis Patients has succeeded in obtaining their much-desired goal for which they had applied themselves for months – the life-saving medicines Kaftrio, Kalydeco i Orkambi have been finally included on the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance’s (HZZO) Selection of Essential Drugs. After several months long battle to get life-saving drugs […]

The Messi effect

One of the greatest sports stories this summer was the transfer of Lionel Messi from Barcelona, where he had spent 21 years of his career, to the Parisian PSG. Even though Messi is a status symbol of Barcelona, and according to some estimates the club had generated a third of its profit thanks to their […]

First Croatian Back Together Summit was followed by over 7,000 people

For the first time in our area, on September 18 and 19, 2021, we had the opportunity to listen to the unique medical-communication summit Back Together, which gathered as many as 40 of the most respected and well-known Croatian health workers, scientists, and communicators in one place. Last weekend they shared their knowledge and experience […]

“Consumers want sustainability, but they need to start with themselves”

“Consumers expect the companies to be more environmentally conscious, but it does not stop there, they want them to clearly define to what extent something was created in a green way. We need to understand that nothing so far has been eco-friendly 100 percent, maybe the end product in its final phase is, but the […]

Instagram’s identity crisis produced a Tik-Tok looking feed

It seems that photos could take a backseat on Instagram as Meta once again changes the appearance of the social network’s feed as it tries to compete with the increasingly popular TikTok. In the new test update, available only to a selected number of Instagram users, all content takes on a 9:16 aspect ratio. It […]

LinkedIn changes algorithm and introduces new form of content ranking

Business social network, LinkedIn, has decided to change the way content is ranked on a user’s feed to favour their preferences and interests. What does this mean? New options are coming for a better LinkedIn feed experience If a particular post is not to their liking, users will be able to click on three dots […]

Filip Pavelić winner of the award “Ferdo Šišić” for best final thesis

Filip Pavelić, junior communication consultant at CTA komunikacije is the winner of Ferdo Šišić award for best final thesis in Croatia in 2020 in the field of history. The award ceremony was held as part of the Kliofest history festival, on May 20, in the atrium of the National and University Library in Zagreb. The […]