Book on “1,100 km for 1,100 therapies” launched


We could not dream that the campaign we had worked on for two months would become a book, but there is a first time for everything. Srcem kroz planine (With your heart through the mountains), written by the adventurer Ranko Dragičević faithfully depicts the situations he went through with his partner Daniel Lončar during the extremely challenging route called Via Adriatica that he passed participating in the charity action called “1,100 km for 1,100 therapies”.

“When I was younger, I tried to write stories and books, without success. I realised I was not good at making up stories, I needed to experience an adventure to be able to turn it into a book. I quickly realised that every story is monotonous and raw without a very important factor, i.e. people. Before I had started the “1,100 km for 1,100 therapies” hiking venture, I expected to be mostly fascinated by nature, but it in the end it was the people who made the greatest impression on me. Man for a man, man for children, children for fulfilment of a man’s dream – this was my guiding principle throughout the book, and the one I follow every day”, said Ranko dragičević at the promotion of his book Srcem kroz planine that took place at the Svpetrvs Water hotel’s conference hall in Supetar, Brač last weekend.

Ranko and Daniel started their trip on Via Adriatica on 20 March 2021 from the Cape Kamenjak in Istria and arrived to the Cape Oštro in the peninsula of Prevlaka, which was also their destination on 7 May 2021. In this period, they passed a walking trail connecting natural and cultural particularities of the Adriatic area consisting in 14 mountains, 12 rivers, 2 lakes, 18 protected areas, 7 counties, 52 municipalities for a total of 1100 km. The initiative was organised to ensure stability of operation for Brački pupoljci, Parents Association of Children with Disabilities from the island of Brač. The communication part of the campaign was devised the CTA komunikacije team, so that everyday information on successfully walked routes and goals of the entire action could reach as wide public as possible via the media and social networks and encourage them to become involved and sponsor the kilometres.

Ranko Dragičević i Daniel Lončar
Ranko Dragičević i Daniel Lončar, fotografirao Ante Mandić

“My heart is full, I am so grateful that Ranko asked me to write a preface to his book. Ranko is a man who truly inspires, and whose love of people and adventure has done so much more than helping children with disabilities. He showed his courage, persistence and selflessness and set up an example for everyone in this country, and more. It is the passion that pushes us mountaineers forward towards new victories and doing new good deeds and noble causes”, said in his speech Mario Celinić, who together with our famous alpinist Stipe Božić, wrote the preface to Dragičević’s book.

Planinar i osvajač Mount Everesta Mario Celinić
Planinar i osvajač Mount Everesta Mario Celinić, fotografirao Ante Mandić

The promotion consisted of a presentation of 49 book chapters, or to be more precise, 49 days of mountaineering divided in 13 phases symbolically representing the 13 challenges faces by the parents of children with disabilities. Ivana Marković, Supetar’s mayor gave a welcome speech, and Brački pupoljci Association president Mirjana Nižetić expressed great joy and content by these selfless acts and helping those in need. Everyone present, apart from the presentation, had the opportunity to see an exhibit of photos taken at the Via Adriatica route.