Life-saving medicines for over 150 cystic fibrosis patients are finally available

The Croatian Association of Cystic Fibrosis Patients has succeeded in obtaining their much-desired goal for which they had applied themselves for months – the life-saving medicines Kaftrio, Kalydeco i Orkambi have been finally included on the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance’s (HZZO) Selection of Essential Drugs. After several months long battle to get life-saving drugs […]

First Croatian Back Together Summit was followed by over 7,000 people

For the first time in our area, on September 18 and 19, 2021, we had the opportunity to listen to the unique medical-communication summit Back Together, which gathered as many as 40 of the most respected and well-known Croatian health workers, scientists, and communicators in one place. Last weekend they shared their knowledge and experience […]

“Consumers want sustainability, but they need to start with themselves”

“Consumers expect the companies to be more environmentally conscious, but it does not stop there, they want them to clearly define to what extent something was created in a green way. We need to understand that nothing so far has been eco-friendly 100 percent, maybe the end product in its final phase is, but the […]

Campaigns for societal change and why are they important?

“Something really important”, “The golden ribbon – 7 marathons in 7 days”, “1100 kilometers for 1100 therapies”, “Kaftrio – a breath of life”. All of these are the names of the campaigns which, during the last two years,  received CTA communication’s professional support in order to correct social injustices and to push our community of […]

This Truly Matters won its fifth communication award this year – Eventiada IPRA GWA

“We are very grateful for another communication award for the This Truly Matters campaign, for this recognition which confirms that fighting social inequalities in our country is highly valued beyond its borders. Thank you to our friends from Brački pupoljci, Parents’ Association of Children with Disabilities who asked us to be a part of this […]

Association Brački pupoljci and CTA komunikacije’s campaign This Truly Matters voted best communication campaign in Europe

This Truly Matters campaign has become one of the most awarded communication campaigns in Croatia and the region, winning its third recognition this year, the prestigious European Communication Awards organized by Quadriga, Berlin’s Centre of Excellence in Education, Information, Networking and Business IT Solutions. In addition to winning the category of NGOs and organizations, the […]

Trending #HGSS70, the first tweet exhibition in Croatia

For the past 70 years the volunteers of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) have devoted their time and extensive experience to rescuing missing and injured persons and providing assistance during extreme situations. Since they like to keep up with emerging trends in techniques and technologies, they turned to an innovative communication approach with domestic […]