Consumer response to short video ads is growing

Raste odaziv publike na kratke video oglase

Advertising via a 6-second video may not sound promising, but a new study by MAGNA Global shows that this has started to change. A survey conducted on more than 7700 respondents shows that an increasing number of short videos has resulted in consumers changing their viewing habits.

6-second video format

Video formats such as Snap, Story and TikTok clips have created a growing habit for users to watch such a video format, which is why shorter video ads have started to resonate better with the audience. Video ads lasting 6 seconds, statistically speaking, achieve almost the same effect as those 15 seconds long. According to the results of the purchase intention measurement, a 6-second video shows even better results than a traditional 15-second advertisement (+ 5% vs + 4%). This change in consumer behaviour means that the marketing market will need to adjust its strategy accordingly.

Tik Tok and Snapchat are changing the market

Platforms like Tik Tok and Snapchat are the best indicators of change in user behaviour. As their popularity grew, the brevity of their content became ever more acceptable to users. Due to content saturation, the user will prefer to select a larger number of shorter contents than one long one. According to the findings of the study, Tik Tok 15-second ads are too long for users because often the video clips themselves are the same length, while the Snapchat data show that their users are less likely to skip 15-second ads than on other video applications. However, 6-second Snapchat ads do convey the point of their message more successfully in order to convince their users as much as possible to make a purchase.
Observing the changes in customer behavior, the message is clear – if they want to maximize the performance of their business, brands will need to invest more money and effort to gain the attention of potential customers.