CTA komunikacije hosted HUOJ members as part of the Carpe Diem project

CTA komunikacije tim

Petar Tanta and Gordan Turković, co-owners and directors of the CTA komunikacije agency, told the members of the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) how the ambitious initiative of the two friends led to a successful communication agency and a growing team. Visiting one of the few digital editions of Carpe Diem HUOJ via the Zoom platform, besides discussing the most award-winning CTA communications campaigns, such as “This truly matters” and “Trending # HGSS70”, they also talked about the specific way of doing business, as well as tips for young people thinking about a career in the communications industry.

“The CTA communication agency has imposed itself on our market in a short period of time. Through its projects, it has built a good reputation, reached a quality list of clients and, most importantly, achieved excellence in the profession that we, as an Association, advocate, “said Mario Aunedi Medek, the new president of HUOJ, who welcomed all participants to the first Carpe Diem in his mandate.

Having many years of experience in the communications industry, Gordan and Petar, as they pointed out, launched an agency with a comprehensive, 360 ° approach and they provide its clients with integrated communication services, combining digital marketing, crisis communication, event planning, strategic communication, and many more other related activities. Participants then heard the story of the multi-award-winning campaign “This truly matters” through which the CTA communication team together with the Association “Buds of Brač”, fought for a change in the law and a free ferry transport so that all children with disabilities from Croatian islands can reach their therapies.

“Because we understand the impact of a good strategy, our agency strives to participate in as many CSR-s (Corporate social responsibility) as possible, to contribute to the local community, and to be the voice of those whose voices are not heard. We can say with certainty that we are not the only ones responsible for changing the Law on Transport in Liner and Occasional Coastal Maritime Transport, but all those who supported the campaign played a role: Gina Damjanović, Mate Mladina, all parents of children with disabilities and all people who demanded the correction of this injustice through social networks. With collective effort real and big changes can be achieved “, Gordan emphasized.


There was also a talk about another very successful project, awarded with this year’s HUOJ Grand PRix, the Tweet Exhibition “Trending HGSS70”, designed for the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS).

“This was the first tweet exhibition in Croatia, and it could be seen in Zagreb’s Urania – the space of creation. Since HGSS is known for humorous and somewhat sarcastic tweets, we selected the most popular ones and turned them into exhibits. Although it was a campaign with an organic reach, it attracted a lot of public attention and the response was great regardless of the restrictions on social gatherings. This event raised awareness about the everyday life of mountain rescuers and their valuable anniversary,” said Petar.

Ultimately, the most important thing is the team and constant learning, because, in the business environment, employees are a crucial element. Internal communication, advocacy of the same moral values, ​​and open-mindedness towards new ideas are essential for the long-term success of the agency.

That is why our agency, even though it has existed for less than three years, already won seven awards for public relations and marketing, four of which are international. As could be heard in the conclusion of this interesting gathering.

The Carpe Diem project is organized by HUOJ for all its members, Croatian public relations experts, as one of the benefits. Members get to know the work of communication departments and activities and also, they are presented with activities in the field of public relations of other organizations and companies.