Hana Kajari

Communication Assistant at CTA komunikacije with experience in creating and implementing communication strategies, managing clients, social media, creating diverse content, event management and coordination of communication campaigns in various sectors. 

After graduating from the Croatian and French bilingual program at the XVIII. gymnasium in Zagreb, Hana enrolls in a double major undergraduate program in Communication Studies and Sociology at the Faculty of Croatian Studies in Zagreb. During her time at the university, as a member of the Association of Students of Communication studies and Journalism (USK Agenda), she actively participates in numerous activities such as the student conference “Mediji na drukčiji način”, managing the Association’s social media profiles, organizing the Humanitarian Christmas Fair, etc. In her last year of the Undergraduate Study as a Team Lead of the Event Management Team, she guided around 30 members of the Association.

After receiving her bachelor’s degrees in Communication Studies and Sociology, Hana decides to major in Scientific Research of Mass Communication at the same faculty, aiming to broaden her knowledge in the field of communications. In October 2020, at the beginning of her graduate studies, she begins a three-month student internship at CTA komunikacije, and in February 2021 she officially becomes a part of the team.

In 2022, as part of the CTA komunikacije team, for the campaign “1100 kilometers for 1100 therapies” carried out in cooperation with the hikers from Island Brač, Ranko Dragičević and Danijel Lončar, and the Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities “Brački pupoljci”, Hana won the leading Croatian PR award, Grand PRix, awarded by the Croatian Public Relations Association. 

Being very passionate about photography, she often photographs events organized by CTA Komunikacije and uses every opportunity to create visuals for clients’ social media profiles and the agency itself. She is currently writing her master’s thesis on the role of visual communication in public relations.