Marin Zdelar

He started his career in the newsroom of Tportal, where he has been following the gaming industry for years as a writer. After graduating from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb, he worked on the launch and the first six months of broadcasting of Enter Zagreb radio as a producer of the program.

From radio he jumped into the waters of web journalism on the portal where in six and a half years he went all the way from journalist to editor, and for more than two years he ran BlogBuster, the first native platform in Croatia that brought together dozens of authors, and among them prominent figures such as Ella Dvornik, Andrea Andrassy, ​​Bruno Šimleša and others.

In 2020, he became Head of Marketing at Con Film, a regional film distributor representing Sony Pictures in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. There he further improved his knowledge in the field of social networks, Google tools, advertising and graphic design, which he has upgraded over the years as a freelancer for a number of clients from various industries.

He settled in CTA communications at the end of 2021, in the position of Head of Digital Marketing.