Nina Sivić-Cug

Digital Marketing Assistant at CTA komunikacije with  experience in creating diverse digital content, as well as running social networks and  websites.

She began her education at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, where she completed her scientific approach of graduate study in sociology. During her studies, she focused on theoretical and empirical research of digital media and social networks. She paid special attention to the social network Instagram in her research work, which is confirmed by her dissertation named “Self-presentation of Instagram users through economic, social and cultural capital.”

During her student days she performs various activities as a secretary in the Sociology Students’ Association “Diskrepancija”, such as running social networks of the Association, organizing events “Noći Rudija Supeka”, panel “Bliski istok” and international conference “Urbana kultura”.

She began her professional career as a copywriter in Ponuda dana, where she later took over the management of social networks, advertising and creating digital content for the web. In April 2022, she joined the digital team of CTA komunikacije and continues to actively create content for social networks of various clients, as well as improve skills and acquired knowledge in the field of digital marketing.