HGSS’ Exhibition Trending #HGSS70 awarded Grand Prix of the Croatian Public Relations Association

Izložba Trending #HGSS70

The first Croatian tweet exhibition Trending #HGSS70, an event dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, set up in September 2020 by HGSS and CTA komunikacije, has won the Grand Prix of the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) in the category of Event Communication. The award has been recognizing the best communication projects in Croatia and the region for more than ten years and the expert jury has rewarded the creativity and efficiency of the communication which drew a lot of attention of the public and media in a very short time.

“HGSS’ Information and Analytics Committee takes care of the entire communication and for us, members, this is a huge recognition. Thank you to all the colleagues for their dedicated work and effort, as well as to the CTA komunikacije which helped us shape and set up the Exhibition, as well as to reach everyone who supported us in any way. Throughout the years we have come to realise that Croatians like to get information in a humorous way, as well as to laugh at their own and others’ expense, so we are going to take this Grand Prix as an encouragement to continue with our recognisable jokes which carry a serious and educational message”, said Jadran Kapović, Head of HGSS’ Information and Analytics Committee. 

The tweet exhibition was set up from September 19 to 25 in Zagreb, in the premises of Urania Gallery, where those gathered remembered the funny sentences posted on HGSS’ Twitter account, such as: “Dear tourists, we are very approachable people, but you really don’t want our company while you are on vacation” thanks to which they are one of the favourite communicators on social networks to so many people. In the pandemic year, the exhibition of educational, humorous, as well as dramatic content was designed and announced in its own way, so one of the favourite announcements was: “A rare situation in which we send the location, and you come to us.”


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“I thank HGSS for the trust they have placed in us and the entire CTA komunikacije team, whose creativity and perseverance have enabled the setting up of an exhibition during the pandemic and its excellent communication. Last year was challenging for all of us, and with this we showed how everything is possible with the right approach. Many thanks to all our partners, the 2Dizajnera team, Jelena Devčić from the company Invictus and the management of Urania Gallery, who donated their work. We extend our thanks also to the Grand PRix jury of HUOJ, which rewarded the efforts of all those involved and sincere congratulations to our co-finalists”, said Petar Tanta, director of CTA komunikacije .

The expert jury has already awarded HGSS’ communication once, in 2017, as the Communicator of the Year. The award ceremony of the Croatian Public Relations Association was held online for a second time in a row in order to respect the measures of physical distancing. HGSS entered the finals with the communication of the event “Heineken 0.0 Karlovački cener” by the agency “Izvan Fokusa” and the communication and organization of the Press Centre for the opening of the European Capital of Culture “Rijeka 2020” by Madison Consulting and Media Val.