HUOJ Grand PRix 2020

We won the Grand Prix of the Croatian Public Relations Association in March 2020 in the category of public relations in institutions, associations and non-governmental organizations for the campaign Nešto zbilja važno (This truly matters), with as many as 40 projects competing for the award. The Grand Prix has been awarded to the best communication projects for more than a decade, and the expert jury recognized the importance, reach, and impact of the highly commendable campaign Nešto zbilja važno that helped to amend the Law on Liner Shipping and Occasional Coastal Maritime Traffic, finally providing children with special needs from all Croatian islands with free ferry transportation to much needed therapy on land in in November 2019. The category in which Nešto zbilja važno campaign competed had the greatest competition from the very beginning, in the in the application phase.

CTA entered the finals with the Fund for providing emergency assistance to victims of domestic violence called Spasi me (Save me) by the agencies Media Val and Fabula, and the Crnom knjigom trošenja javnog novca (Black Book of Public Money Expenditure) by the Lipa Taxpayer Association and Briefing komunikacije.