Importance of a website

Izrada web stranice

Most customers nowadays visit the manufacturer’s website and social networks before making the purchase, in order to be informed in advance. When buying a mobile phone, furniture, car or apartment, we want to get to know relevant information about the person or company selling their products or services. The background of everything is important to us, as well as safety and transparency, to which we will add the price-quality ratio in order to reach a decision when making the final purchase. The website is the key link in all this. It is a confirmation of online presence, highligting all the advantages over their competition, and the subject has the opportunity to present himself as the best choice.

Can a company be too small to have a website?

The answer is no. There is no business or company so small that it does not need a website. Whether it is a small caffe or a large restaurant chain, it is important for everyone to present themselves to their guests and customers and get as much exposure as possible as well as advertising on the Internet. With the help of quality communication and maintaining relationships with followers on social networks, an informative and attractive website will ensure just that.

What type of website should you choose?

Simplicity is the key. Simple, one page websites are suitable if we want to highlight a small amount of information with a specific visual or video. Simplicity itself, i.e., the fact that it is a single page, does not mean that it cannot be creatively complex.

Sometimes less space requires more originality, so in just a few clicks or scrolls we can offer our visitors something different that will make them interested in our brand or become a decisive factor when making a decision to buy our products.

For our client Bazilika restaurant and bar, we decided to create a website that will present everything they offer in a simple, but also visually attractive way.

Considering that Bazilika combines a beach bar and an excellent restaurant, our task was to present all the delicious dishes prepared by their chefs, as well as the atmosphere of night life with attractive cocktails. Seemingly different elements are integrated into the website with attractive visuals and all the information that could be of interest to potential guests. Our goal was that the visitors make a reservation as easily as possible after visiting the site. We achieved this precisely through the contact form, messages and calls.

With the use of digital marketing carried out for the purpose of gathering a larger number of guests, we sold more items of a certain product or achieved greater visibility on the market. By supplementing the website with current information, we increase the so-called organic traffic or website visits. This kind of content will be recognized by Google through keywords and direct part of the traffic to our site. This job requires a lot of engagement, but the results will be excellent if the procedure is carried out fully.

According to all the above, we can see that the benefits of owning a website with quality management and complementing it with social networks are manifold.