Ivana Beg joined the CTA communication team as a new intern

Ivana Beg

Ivana started her studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka, where she completed her undergraduate studies in cultural studies and earned a bachelor’s degree in cultural studies with her work on “Intermediate Practices of Sensory Marketing”.

In the desire for further development, Ivana moved to Zagreb and enrolled in the graduate study of communication studies at the Croatian Studies, where she is also an active member of the event management team of the Student Association “Agenda” with which she organizes projects in which students come into direct contact with lecturers from their future profession(s).

She is a supporter of lifelong learning and training and came to CTA communications to turn her previously acquired theoretical knowledge into practice. From the internship, she expects experience and mentors with whom she will come into direct contact with the profession she is interested in.

Ivana is currently completing her final year of graduate studies in the field of Media, but she has a higher affinity for the public relations profession and communication strategies. This is her first experience with an agency job, but she is ready for such a challenge.