Launch of Facebook shops means we will be able to shop directly from Facebook


Probably the most popular social network in the world, Facebook, decided to make a huge step toward the e-commerce by representing a new option, called Shops, for which it hopes to become a central place for all sorts of entrepreneurships, from small and middle who were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, to the largest ones that wish to be ever present. In this undertaking they can use the help of the well-known shopping platforms and tools like Shopify BigCommerce and Woo, so one can conclude that Facebook does not leave anything to chance. 

In a live address, Facebook’s first man Mark Zuckerberg said enabling online buying and selling to more of his users is a way to recover the economy not only of the U.S. but also of other states affected by the current situation. “We see a lot of small businesses and trades that have not had webshops or any online presence so far adapting, and we want to lend them a hand” Zuckerberg said.

The Shops option is available to Facebook users in the U.S. as of today, and Instagram users should get it during the summer.

One of the presented news is the purchase via FB Live video. Large brands and many influencers have been showing off their, for example, new sneakers, T-shirts or a new type of makeup for a long time through live presentations. Facebook has taken an additional step and made it possible to tag what is presented so that the product seen can be bought in just a few clicks.

Shops and FB live sales are not the first time Facebook has tried their hand at e-commerce tools. In 2016, Marketplace was introduced as a place where users could buy and sell their products, then, two years later, Instagram started developing its own variant of the shopping app, without much success. Noticing the great sales potential on its platform, Instagram offered its users an option to buy within the app itself last year.

Facebook has apparently reacted quickly to the trend of changing consumer habits we have witnessed in recent months. We are looking forward to the arrival of these new tools in Croatia, and until then will be closely monitoring the reactions of both brands and influencers on the American market.

The article was written by Velimir Hlupić for