The book ‘Srcem kroz planine’ inspired Zagreb audience


After a successful book launch in Supetar, Ranko Dragičević presented his book Srcem kroz planine (With your heart through the mountains) to Zagreb audience. All 49 chapters were inspired by the fundraiser 1,100 km for 1,100 therapies, which had the communication support of our team. The book is available to order via the author’s Facebook and Instagram profile at a price of HRK 120,00. A part of the profit from sales once again will be aimed for the Children with Disabilities Parents Association Brački pupoljci.

“When I was younger, I tried to write stories and books, without success. I realised I was not good at making up stories, I needed to experience an adventure to be able to turn it into a book. I noticed a story comes alive only when it has the key factor, i.e. people. Before making my first step in the 1,100 km for 1,100 therapies hiking venture, I had expected to be mostly fascinated by nature – which I was, but it in the end it was the people who made the greatest impression on me. A man for a man, a man for children, children for fulfilment of a man’s dream– this was my guiding principle throughout the entire book”, said Ranko Dragičević in Zagreb.

Ranko Dragičević
Ranko Dragičević, adventurer and author of the book Srcem kroz planine

The fundraising event 1,100 km for 1,100 therapies, now forever marked and turned into a book, was initiated in order to keep 3200 therapy hours for almost 70 children in the island of Brač free of charge. Encouraged by Ranko Dragičević and Daniel Lončar’s endeavour, all interested participants were able to sponsor the kilometres thus donating the funds to Brački pupoljci Association. The event spread across the country raising HRK 169,800.00 and ensuring as many as 1700 free therapies.

Ranko and Daniel started their trip on Via Adriatica on 20 March 2021 from the Cape Kamenjak in Istria and arrived to the Cape Oštro in the peninsula of Prevlaka, which was also their destination on 7 May 2021. In this period they passed a walking trail connecting natural and cultural particularities of the Adriatic consisting in 14 mountains, 12 rivers, 2 lakes, 18 protected areas, 7 counties and 52 municipalities, for a total of 1100 km. Find out more at the website

Srcem kroz planine
The book Srcem kroz planine by Ranko Dragičević

“It has been a great honour being included in this incredible charity campaign from the very beginning. Following Ranko and Daniel in their footsteps and waiting for their afternoon or evening reports from the trail was like being in a tense Hollywood movie. I am particularly proud that this has been the second campaign within a year aimed at helping one of the most vulnerable groups of our society, children with disabilities from our friendly association of Brački pupoljci. I hope that in this book other selfless individuals find their motivation to help their close ones and to change our society for the better. If we won’t do it, who will?“ said Gordan Turković, communication expert and CEO of CTA komunikacije, which provided their support to this fundraising endeavour.

Gordan Turković
Gordan Turković, communication expert and CEO of CTA komunikacije

Given that the action consisted in 13 phases, representing the challenges that parents of children with disabilities face, the book follows that course and explains each phase through 49 chapters, i.e. 49 days of hiking. The audience also heard from Srećko Vukov, adventurer, and initial creator of Via Adriatica, who explained the motivation behind its origin and the significance of the community it gathers. The entire event moderated by Gina Victoria Damjanović was accompanied by an exhibit of photos created during the endeavour.