The Association Brački pupoljci and CTA komunikacije have won the IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence


The campaign Nešto zbilja važno/This truly matters  won the most prestigious global PR award Golden World Awards for Excellence of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), thus becoming one of only a few campaigns in Croatia and the region that succeeded in doing this. Last year the Association of Parents’ with Children with Disabilitiescalled Brački pupoljci in cooperation with the CTA komunikacije agency succeeded in granting amendment to the Law on Transport in Linear and Occasional Coastal Maritime Traffic, which now finally provides free ferry transport for children with disabilities from all Croatian islands to much-needed therapy on land. In the toughest competition with leading communication agencies and global companies, the This Trully Matters campaign won in the category of Public Relations for NGOs, among other things, due to strong positive changes it has brought to our society and the protection of basic human rights of its most vulnerable groups.

– The driving force of the entire project were Mate Mladina, all the brave parents and children from the Association and Gina Victoria Damjanović. I am sincerely grateful to them for the trust they have placed in us and to the entire CTA komunikacije team who have been committed to this goal without hesitation since day one. For the campaign and for all of us involved, winning the IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence means that the colleagues from our profession from all over the world have confirmed that the values we represent are universally recognized and that no child with disabilities and their parents should be deprived ever again of the opportunity for a normal life. This will truly matter forever – said Gordan Turković, CEO of the communication agency CTA komunikacije.

Petar Tanta, Valentina Mezdić and Eli Čerkezović have also worked on the award-winning campaign, conducted with a budget of 0 HRK.

The Golden World Awards for Excellence is the most prestigious award in the world of public relations awarded by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) since 1990, promoting excellence and ethics in public relations. Its importance is confirmed by a jury composed of experts from around the world, including Austria, Bulgaria, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as the number and variety of applications arriving each year.

We would like to stress that thanks to the struggle of Brački pupoljci, after ten years and last year’s This Trully Matters campaign, the law prescribed right to free transport for other neglected and vulnerable groups was finally won. In March this year, the campaign won the Croatian umbrella award for public relations, the Grand Prix of the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) as the best project within the category of Public Relations in Institutions, Associations and Non-Governmental organizations in the toughest competition, as stated by the jury itself, composed of Croatia’s experts in the field.

You can find a short video of the campaign at the following link: