The campaign This Truly Matters won the Effie Awards Croatia, prestigious marketing award


“Everyone included in the This Truly Matters campaign, without hesitation did their best to enable free ferry transport to much-needed onshore therapies for the youngest members of our society and their families, which makes their lives at least a little bit easier. The name of the campaign was a constant reminder to us that we are fighting for those who need help the most and therefore the pride of winning the Effie Award is even greater. We have amended the law, and with the support of people from all over Croatia, did what seemed impossible at first. We proved that this goal was really worth fighting for and thank you all for recognizing it”, said the CEO of CTA komunikacije Gordan Turković in his thank-you speech during the Effie Awards Croatia ceremony at the conference “DK Home”, held at the Tuškanac summer cinema venue in Zagreb. 

The importance of the campaign was recognized by a jury of the most eminent marketing experts 

This Truly Matters with the Effie Awards Croatia became one of the few PR campaigns in Croatia that won this most important award for achievements in market communications. Association of Parents’ with Children with Disabilities Brački pupoljci and CTA komunikacije agency fought for the amendment of the law which enables free ferry transport to much-needed onshore therapies for children with disabilities from all Croatian islands. The importance of the campaign which also ensured the right to legally prescribed free transport for other vulnerable groups who were neglected for years was recognized by a jury consisting of prominent marketing experts and awarded in the category Positive Changes: Common Good – Nonprofit Sector, introduced this year. 

Mate Mladina, Gina Victoria Damjanović, Gordan Turković, Petar TantaValentina Mezdić and Eli Čerkezović worked alongside the parents from the Association on the awarded campaign with a 0 HRK budget. 

Won numerous awards 

Apart from the Effie Award, the team of Brački pupoljci and CTA komunikacije were awarded numerous world and domestic prizes for This Truly Matters campaign. The Croatian Public Relations Association awarded them the leading Croatian Grand PRix award in May last year, while they won the world’s most prestigious PR award Golden World Awards for Excellence of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) and the European Excellence Awards, as well as a special jury award for the best campaign in Europe among 350 finalists in 60 categories. 

With the Effie Award, domestic marketing experts have been awarding the highest quality projects, agencies and advertisers who have stood out from the competition with their work for 12 years under the slogan “Ides that work”. In addition to creativity, the efficiency and strategic thinking of the campaign are highly valued, and the award has been an international symbol of marketing efficiency since 1968.