EKO Region


About the client

Project EKO Region (K-V-P-B-T-K) of the City of Knin was delivered in the second half of 2019 in the cities of Knin, Vrgorac, Pirovac, Biskupija, Tribunj, and Kijevo.

By implementing educational and information activities on sustainable waste management in Knin, Vrgorac, Pirovac, Biskupija, Tribunj, and Kijevo”, the city of Knin the citizens were informed about sustainable waste management. Workshops were held for children and brochures shared aiming to prevent waste production, encourage separate municipal waste collecting, reuse of objects and an increase in the number of households that compost.


In order to achieve the project goals (waste reduction, separate municipal waste collecting, composting at home, and reuse of objects), it was necessary to reach citizens using the right channels and refer them to a place where they can find more information on responsible waste management in their municipality and get familiarized with the topic in general.


Using a strategic approach to the radio, television, and Internet-based media buying, we reached the target audience relying solely on local and regional media.

For the City of Knin, we created a media buying strategy based on the local television and radio stations as well as the most visited local internet news portals. As the project took place in various locations, Šibenikski portal, Dalmatinski portal, Huknet, and Dalmacija Danas reported about its progress.

The shows produced within the project were broadcast during prime time, just before the daily news on Radio Ritam which covers the area of ​​Pirovac and Tribunj, Radio Biokovo for the Biokovo area and Croatian Radio Knin which covered areas of ​​Knin, Biskupija and Kijevo. Television shows were broadcast on two regional televisions, TV Mreža and TV Šibenik.

In every strategic media plan, the audience is crucial. When it comes to highly localized projects, it is always better to concentrate on local and regional media than the national ones because reaching the intended target group becomes much easier. In the case of the EKO Region (K-V-P-B-T-K), we chose the leading media in the Split-Dalmatia and Šibenik-Knin counties.