Kocostar Launch Event


About the client

Kocostar, or KOREAN COSMETIC STAR, whose arrival to the Croatian market we have announced with this event, is the most global Korean cosmetics brand when it comes to slice masks (from head to toe). Their masks come in all kind of fun shapes and floral and fruity flavours. Besides masks, Kocostor in their offer also has feet exfoliants in the form of socks.


It is a great challenge to make your event different and better than others, especially when it comes to beauty industry that gets bigger every day and the competition ever greater. One of the hits in Croatia, as well as on the global beauty scene is Corean cosmetics which has existed for more than 5000 years. Benefits of this cosmetic are well known to every make-up lover, and this is precisely what we were focused on during the launch event for our client, company Cosmex.


We had to do interior branding, prepare goody bags for the guests, organise catering and make the final preparations with a photographer.
Considering all the benefits what Kocostar offers to its users we had to think about how to communicate the fundamental values of the brand which are: products made of natural materials suitable for all skin types, SPA treatment at home and in the end – the fun effect.

We decided to have a live presentation. People gathered there could see on a live model how masks are easy to use and see the fun effect live. You do not get the opportunity to stick a slice of watermelon on your face very often, right? A pharmacist described the benefits of using these masks, which further increased the interest of the audience.

The event was announced by a media advisory and all the relevant lifestyle and beauty media were there, along with a lot of famous people and influencers. Every guest was invited to take a picture in a specially decorated area as a souvenir. We also sent a press release published on a number of portals. The result was a large number of Instagram stories and Kocostar products getting their own place in the leading Croatian drugstores and pharmacies.