Smart City Supetar

Smart City Supetar

About the client

The main idea of the Supetar Smart City project is to speed up processes between citizens and the city government. The platform e-Usluge (e-services) of the city of Supetar has proven to be the fundamental element that needed to be communicated to the public. Besides the benefits that this platform provides to its users, the work of city administrators is more transparent and of higher quality. Supetar is the first island city in Croatia to have implemented some of the services from the Smart City concept. Its leader position in this project was to be confirmed by the number of users of e-services.


The goal of the campaign was firstly to make clear that e-Usluge are a necessary mean which has to be applied to the work of city government due to worldwide digitalization and secondly to inform the local community of the platform’s benefits.


After sending out the first press release, Supetar was positioned as the first island town with implemented e-Services at the beginning of the campaign. With the continuous presence in the local media through thematic articles, all the benefits of e-Services were presented to the local population and the greatest strength was the possibility of completing the majority of administrative tasks from the comfort of their own home. The recognizability and value of this project was recognized by the general public, and the City of Supetar entered the finals of the Best City award in the Smart City category.

There is a large number of available services on this platform and it was a challenge to apply all the visual solutions in order to describe the benefits of each service. The first step was to make a standard book with all the graphic solutions written in it in order to avoid discrepancies in later work. The key element was to make a logotype containing all the key elements (digitalisation, communication and simply – modernity). We have modernized the main emblem of the City of Supetar (keys of Saint Peter) by adding the already stated elements respecting its history and significance.

The next step was to make a visual identity for each service to avoid using as little text as possible. For every visual identity, we have made a short copy completing it, in order to communicate the benefit of the exact service.

Accordingly, we have created ads for previously agreed audience which had to communicate all the benefits of that service at first use.