Media campaign for the Croatian Society of Hematology

About the client The Croatian Society of Hematology of the Croatian Medical Association is a professional community of hematologists and other professionals who deal with diagnosing and treating people with various hematological diseases. The Society strives to encourage and educate the public about the importance of regular check-ups, timely diagnosis and the treatment of hematological […]

EKO Region

About the client Project EKO Region (K-V-P-B-T-K) of the City of Knin was delivered in the second half of 2019 in the cities of Knin, Vrgorac, Pirovac, Biskupija, Tribunj, and Kijevo. By implementing educational and information activities on sustainable waste management in Knin, Vrgorac, Pirovac, Biskupija, Tribunj, and Kijevo”, the city of Knin the citizens […]