Trainings and workshops


Communication and its forms are influenced by numerous factors and the quality of communication itself affects, above all, the quality of realization of each project. In addition, anyone who has come in contact with the communications industry will tell you that it is an extremely dynamic environment whose trends change rapidly and that today is “yesterday’s news”. This is the reason why adapting to new situations is what every communication expert encounters on a daily basis, whether they are a beginner or an expert. CTA komunikacije team uses a unique tailor-made approach for each client and they readily share their knowledge and experience gathered during numerous successful projects by organising and holding trainings.

Public speaking training or how to avoid awkward questions by the media

Public speaking, above all, refers to every appearance in front of an audience and conveying the speaker’s message to those present. During their trainings, the experts from CTA komunikacije always emphasize the fact that the message is conveyed to the target audience in two basic ways – verbally and non-verbally. At the workshops, our speakers explained through examples from practice how to properly prepare for a public appearance, as well as how to answer unpleasant questions that can have negative consequences. However, in order for the message to reach the target audience the right way, it needs to be defined correctly. Then follow the communication goals the message has to meet. The participants learn all this, together with indispensable theoretical advice on what attracts the attention of the media, how to communicate with them, as well as the legislative framework within which the Croatian media operate. Given that advice (theory) without practice is not worth much, at the end of the workshop all participants are recorded and their public appearance and acquired knowledge of proper posture and answers to unpleasant questions were analysed.

Tips for communicating with voters during the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic

Since 2020 has posed a number of challenges for all of us, it is not surprising that political actors have also had to change their approach and adapt their discourse to their voters. Our political experts with extensive experience in political counselling explained what way a political party should address the audience amidst a global lockdown who does not even think about the upcoming elections. Some of the topics discussed at the training for the local, parliamentary and European elections were what messages to use, what topics to use to gain public interest and customized communication tools.

The art of communicating to audience segmentation

Successful communication and a clear and timely message can be crucial for continued collaboration or trust. Communication experts very often have the task to manage communication towards segmented audiences, but what exactly does this mean in practice?

The rules of communication have changed with the advent of the coronavirus and much of the communication has thus shifted to digital realms. 

Digital marketing and advertising

The importance of digital marketing and properly targeted communication on the Internet was presented by our lecturers at the workshops for the Tourism boards, Development agencies and City Administrations. In addition to the basics of digital communication, participants learned about practical communication via social networks Facebook and Instagram on practical examples.