Electronic Security

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About the client

In the field of technical protection of facilities, the industry in which Electronic Security operates, getting trapped in the dullness of professional and technical terms is quite easy. Working closely with the client, we have transformed Electronic Security’s communication on social media and their website, created their own visual content, published several sponsored articles, raising the website’s readability and the number of visitors.

Electronic Security has been operating successfully for three decades throughout Croatia. In that period, they have profiled themselves as experts in the field of technical protection of facilities with over 10,000 clients, varying from business and residential buildings, industrial plants and factories, banking institutions to public institutions. For their 30th anniversary, after redesigning their logo and their website, they decided to do the same with the content on social media and the web.


In accordance with the newly created materials for Electronic Security, creating a website and social media content strategy was necessary, as well as forming a unique visual identity across all platforms.


Electronic Security is partly B2B and partly B2C, hence the communication across all platforms is mostly informal. Anyone visiting the company’s website, regardless of their professional background, can easily find and understand what the company is about and which exact systems with their specific features may suit their home or business space. In order to make the services as understandable as possible to the website visitors, they are associated with specific situations that users may find themselves in, where technical protection systems, such as anti-burglary system, detection of harmful gases or fire can help. In addition to the web content, we have continuously created instructive and interesting articles that were then shared via social media and thus attracted site visits.

All important business events are accompanied by a press release and published across digital platforms. Many ongoing projects are presented visually and textually on social media to bring the team’s skillset and scope of work closer to both existing and potential clients. A series of internal documents used for business communication have been prepared for the company, as well.