Croatian party central as a synonym for the easiest summer job

Zrće_zakup medija_CTA komunikacije

Croatian Ibiza, a globally known party destination, a gathering place for young people and those who feel like it, people who enjoy good cocktails and even better performances by world-famous DJs. Can you already guess which Croatian beach is that? Before the COVID-19 pandemic, all of the above, and much more, was related to Zrće – a beach on the island Pag, located southeast of Novalja with countless beach bars that turn into nightclubs after sunset. Guests in the “golden years” for partying chose the dates of their arrivals only according to musical preferences. World-famous performers were an almost daily occurrence, and crossing the borders and coming to Croatia did not include numerous tests and COVID-19 certificates because we lived in the now forgotten “normal”.

Seasonal work that’s actually not work

The search for summer jobs usually starts at the end of April when a good number of young people begin leafing through job advertisements or “wiring” friends who know a friend who may need an additional worker at that very moment. At the end of the day, most employers consider a desirable employee to have a certain number of years of experience in serving foreign guests on the Adriatic. However, our colleagues from Pioniri communications agency thought outside the box and asked an ideal candidate about only one thing – their knowledge of social networks. Whether knowledge of social networks is a requirement or an integral part of life for every member of the younger generation, we leave up to you to judge.

Perhaps the best of all in this story is the fact that the job advertisement came to candidates who fit the description above – right through social media! To attract individuals who already handle their profiles well, it was crucial to choose portals whose majority of readers are younger people and to increase reach, texts were also published on social networks of selected portals. What exactly was going on here and how did one lucky person find the easiest job ever (or did the job find her?).

Job title – professional party member

To find an ideal candidate, in addition to creating an ad on the page and landing page for applications, a PR campaign consisted of creating texts in which all the obligations of the ideal (non) worker were highlighted. A total of nine PR articles were published during May 2019, and their content was seen by almost 50,000 people. Given that the goal was to find a person who will highlight all the charms of spending time on Zrće by creating quality content on social networks, the tone of the articles was adapted to the younger population who is familiar with sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram daily, as well as creating engaging Instagram stories. In the end, the job advertisement page was visited by over 7,000 people, while the posts on social networks reached as many as half a million Croatian users. In the multitude of registered candidates, Iva stood out, and she got to spend the whole summer on Zrće, enjoying and publishing content for non-stop entertainment.